Friday, October 1, 2010

It's That Time of Year

It’s that time of year when the movie business is slow, and small, independent theater owners across America are banging their heads against the wall.  This year I am not banging my head against the wall, because I have prepared myself for the slowdown in business. Plus, fall is my absolute favorite time of year and I'd rather enjoy it than panic about booking films. 

Each spring and fall, movie studios drastically cut back the number of prints of most films they release. They do this, presumably, to maximize the amount of money they make off of each print.  It is frustrating for theater owners because there are some pretty good films being released that our customers want to see, if only we could get our hands on them.  By the time we are able to get these films, our customers have either driven to a bigger city to see the film or they have lost interest.  It is very frustrating. 

I want you, my wonderful customers, to know that we do plan to get the films you want to see, but at this time of year we often (not always) have to wait 2-3 weeks to get them.  Take “Secretariat” for example. We know you want this film. Come on, it’s a horse movie and this is Baker County.  I’ve been asking our film buyer about this film for weeks. She has been watching the print count, and so far it doesn’t look like we will be able to pull it in on the break because we are just too small of a theater.  But we will get it.  We just hope you can wait for us instead of driving to a different city to see it.

So if you are freaking out wondering if we are going to be getting the next Harry Potter, don’t worry.  During the summer and winter months, we get the films we want on the break 99% of the time.  But right now, it's just that time of year...

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  1. I totally understand the issue and wait patiently to support your business rather than travel elsewhere! Any chance on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?