Thursday, December 9, 2010

Welcome Baby Ellie! The Month in Review...

The last month has flown by.  At the end of October, I was 9 months pregnant and uncomfortable as could be. I found myself winded by the time I got upstairs in the theater to thread up the projectors. When I knelt down to grab the film, I struggled to get back up.  After 2 months of sleepless nights, I was miserable.  But the discomfort didn't last long, and was worth every second!

On November 10th we welcomed our baby girl, Eliana Kate, into the world.  Though the sleepless nights continue, Dan & I couldn't be happier.  Ellie is the sweetest baby. Currently, her favorite activities are sleeping and listening to reggae.  She is pretty serious in nature, and we suspect she might have a "Type A" personality, as evidenced by the photo below.  We have spent the last month getting to know our girl, and trying our best to settle into a routine.  We are back to work at the theater, doing our best to catch up, and Ellie is doing a great job supervising.

Day 1, serious as a heart attack. Ellie gave us this look almost the entire first 2 days of her life. She still breaks it out on occasion.  

But now she does a lot more of this. So cute!

On Thanksgiving Day, we celebrated the second birthday of our niece, Hailee. This past Tuesday marked the first anniversary of her "Forever Family Day" with our family. We love her very much and had a very thankful Thanksgiving. We are, indeed, looking forward to a very merry Christmas!