Monday, January 24, 2011

"I Remember Better When I Paint"

This Thursday, January 27th, is Thursday Art Night. Thursday Art Night, also known as TAN, is presented each month by the Baker Art Guild.  It is the one night a month when we show an independent film about art.  The night opens with a round of storytelling. Anyone is welcome to tell a story.  These stories are often times humorous but sometimes heartwarming or inspiring, always unique.  Then, after the show, the night closes with a dance party! Can you believe you can get that much entertainment and/or exercise for $6?!  It's true!  And that's not can participate for no extra charge. If you want to tell a story you are welcome to do so, just let us know that you have a story to share. If you want to be our guest DJ for the dance party, you can do that, too! All you need to do is contact Brian Vegter to get on the DJ list.  What makes T.A.N. super worth your time and money is the fact that the ticket proceeds benefit a different charitable organization each month.

This month we will be showing a film called "I Remember Better When I Paint." This film is about the positive impact of art therapy on people with Alzheimer's.  This month's storytelling theme is "I Have a Story to Tell," and the guest DJ will be DJ Doggy B.  Ticket proceeds will go to the Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP). To learn more about the film, go here. To learn more about this month's TAN, go here.

Storytelling starts at 6:30, and the show will start at 7:00.

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