Friday, February 11, 2011

Poster Problems

I really like getting new posters. It's kinda like Christmas when the UPS guy stops by with a few new tubes.  I can't wait to unroll it and see what they came up with. I remember opening up the poster for "Beverly Hills Chihuahua."  That poster made me groan.  I groaned louder when I hung it up, and I groaned much, much louder when we played the film (and I watched it). Same reaction with "G-Force."

We get new posters a few times a week, each in its own cardboard tube.  These posters quickly build up in the storage area I have made for them. Then they overflow into the boxoffice. Then eventually, I get annoyed enough to organize them all and take the old ones to the basement. That's been working for awhile, but I think we have reached capacity.

For a couple of years I gave posters out to anyone who asked.  This made people happy, and it helped me keep my poster mess to a minimum. But then one day a customer totally hurt my feelings when he railed on me for damaging HIS poster by hanging it up with thumbtacks, and he was even  more angry because it wasn't the specific poster design that he wanted. He huffed out the door like somehow I was an incompetent jerk who had wronged him. That was the last day I gave out posters. :(

So recently I was looking at pictures of a theater that  I enjoy going to and I noticed that they keep a bin in their lobby with their old posters that people can purchase. Technically, they aren't supposed to do this because the posters are the property of the movie studio and not the theater. It got me to thinking that perhaps something like this would be a better way to get rid of old posters without throwing them in the trash (recycling, really) or getting into fights with picky people. I won't violate my licensing agreements with studios by charging for posters (not that they'd really care), but I'll save these beautiful posters from the dumpster and make people smile again.

So, if that sounds like a good idea to you, let me know. If I hear some positive feedback I might actually follow through and make a free poster bin in the lobby.


  1. wow i think people would love this!

  2. What a tack hole that one guy was! Free posters are a wonderful idea. Posters for films based on movies (especially kids ones) could go to the very grateful Library. For others, you could have a free grab bin or use Facebook to have interested parties put their name in for a random drawing.

  3. I just made up a free poster bin and I'll (hopefully) put up a picture today.

    Perry- I'll keep in mind sending posters based on books to you at the library. That's a great idea!