Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Weekend

It is 1:00 AM and I can’t sleep, again. I have been running into this problem lately, where every night when I am organized and ready to go for the next day I end up lying in bed with my eyes wide open for hours. Ellie wakes and goes back to sleep and I’m still awake. Then when morning finally comes, I’m an absolute zombie.  So I thought I’d have a glass of wine and recount my weekend for you.

This weekend I was pretty excited because my best friend was coming into town from Portland and my sister was going to bring my niece and nephews to visit. I love when they hang out at the theater with me. We usually eat candy and popcorn all afternoon, and they might catch a movie if there is one playing that they like. On Friday I went shopping downtown to buy gifts for my friend, Jenni, since I had missed Christmas and her birthday. Sometimes I forget that shopping in downtown in Baker is such a snap. I was in a hurry with lots to get done at the theater, but in less than 15 minutes I bought chocolates at Bella and a cute little coffee mug and tea at Zephyr. 

 I had my Saturday all planned out. But on Friday night I had a night like tonight with no sleep, so I woke up in a blur on Saturday. Then I learned that one of my employees was under the weather and wouldn’t be working, so I lined up a babysitter (my mom) so Dan could help me at the theater. Then I learned my sister wouldn’t make it over because of the roads.  “That’s okay,” I thought. That would just leave more time to visit with Jenni. Our house was a wreck so I asked Dan to stay at the theater for me during the matinée so I could run home and tidy up. 45 minutes later I get a frantic call from Dan (and a missed call from a customer/friend who was watching a movie).  By the time I show up just minutes later, the picture on screen is perfect, literally pristine.  Turns out our brand new print of “I Am Number Four” came with one damaged reel.  The dye on the film was slightly smeared throughout the reel.  During all the shows on Friday neither Dan nor I had stepped in during the fourth reel, so we never saw it and not one customer said anything about it.  It’s not that bad and it only lasts for about 15 minutes, which is why nobody mentioned it.  This is my first time calling in for a reel replacement, so we’ll see how that goes.

Finally, things were under control so I was able to sneak out while the 7:00 show was playing to go have a beer with Jenni at Barley’s. I haven’t had a beer at Barley’s since last winter, pre-pregnancy, so that particular beer was 100 times more delicious than any beer I have ever consumed.  Yum.

Over beer that night and coffee the next morning at Zephyr, Jenni and I discussed all nature of drama and gossip, although our conversations these days have less to do with where we went last night and more to do with work, taxes, marriage and travel.  Jenni gets to go to Hawaii next month for a friend’s wedding, while I am terrified of being “that mom” with the screaming baby on an airplane. But oh, how I ache to travel. Staying put is hard to do.

On Sunday Dan and I watched as our friends, Arden and Lynndee, were married.  Arden spent a lot of holidays with our family over the years, and I’ve always hoped he would find his match someday. He did, and I’m so happy for him.  Love is just lovely. 

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell. Hope you all had a delightful weekend as well.


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