Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Major Innovations

A few weeks ago I tossed around the idea of putting out a poster bin to rid the theater of unwanted posters. The only reason I considered not doing it was because I thought the middle school aged rascals would tear through it and leave poster remnants all over the floor. I decided it was worth a shot, so I just brought up an empty box from the basement, slapped some rules on it and filled it with posters. It went over very well this past weekend. We had tons of middle school aged kids, and they ate it up and kept it neat. They were surprisingly polite and appreciative. I got rid of all the old posters I had stacked up in the lobby, and now I can start working on my stash from storage upstairs. Then we'll start unpacking the motherload in our attic crawl space.

I also converted one of the Eltrym's original poster frames into an information board where customers can read synopses about the films we are currently showing and those we are likely to show in the near future. We frequently have people come in off the street to ask about a particular film or vaguely ask about what films are coming out in the future. Sometimes we struggle to boil down the entire plot of a film into just a couple of sentences, without giving the wrong impression or telling too much.  Now, when we struggle in that way we can point our customers over to the info board where they can read more.

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