Saturday, July 9, 2011

Half Popped

This morning I came in early to clean the theaters for an early screening.  As I working through the rows (cursing myself for wearing heels instead of my super fast and stealthily quiet work shoes) I found a pile of food wrappers someone had sneaked in (naughty, naughty).  Amongst the debris was a perfectly, unopened bag of these:

They are a manufactured variety of what we throw away everyday--the "old maids."  I love old maids. My employees and I regularly dig through the old maid tray in the bottom of the popcorn machine for the "half pops" and now I discover someone is actually manufacturing these. Well, don't judge me, but I opened it up and ate some and they just aren't the same. Eltrym half-pops are a thousand times more delicious. 

I realized I should be charging a premium for the contents of the old maid tray.  However, our new machine and recently perfected popcorn recipe leave few old maids in the tray, and half pops are very rare, like a four-leafed clover. :)

In other news: we lost our dog today for a few hours. For those hours I was wondering what in the world we would do without him. He's truly the best dog ever, and I was very nearly beside myself.  We basically put out a community-wide alert via facebook and a lot of phone calls and eventually Dan's brother found him.  Thank goodness.