Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Website!

What do you think of our fancy new website?  I know that lots of you have noticed because I have gotten a ton of compliments via facebook and email. Thank you for the compliments!!  There are still a few things I need to fix. Some of our content pages got a little wonky when they were transferred. I had planned to edit them today (along with a million other tasks) but ended up cuddling with my cranky, teething, growth-spurting baby, who spent 75% of her day fussing around and will only nap in my arms and not in her bed (but cute as a button regardless).  Those pages will be edited soon, and new pages added. If you have any feedback-- please contact me. You can use the handy "Contact Us" form under the "Cinema Info" tab.

If you sign up for our newsletter on the homepage, you will receive, at minimum, our showtimes each week.  The newsletter will also include any other tidbits we throw in there, and maybe some coupons every now-and-again.

If you use your cell phone to check our movie times, you will notice the format has changed so now when you go to eltrym.com on your mobile, today's times are right there--no clicking around.

Soon our times will automatically be posted to Facebook on Monday evenings just as soon as I enter them into our ticketing system.

Aaaannnnddd...... the new site offers a lot of tweeting conveniences, but I don't tweet much. Maybe I will now. Eltrym does have a Twitter, which has been used one time. Follow me?

It's all very hi-tech, you know.


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