Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've had some people come in and ask me to blog again. I thought about it. I have a ton of things to talk about, but I struggle with not wanting to say too much. I don't do movie reviews. One, because as a businessperson I can't really tell you bad things about my product-- the movies; and two, I really do enjoy most films I watch. I am not very critical. I am always utterly amazed at the creation of film and how so many people can work together to get something coherent on screen.  Even the worst of films are fascinating to me. I am amazed by film, all the time. Maybe I will start writing reviews just to tell you what I liked best. : )

But more importantly, I've been biting my nails all summer long, nervously anticipating our digital transition. I've written previously about the off seasons, and how I've come to expect booking films to be more difficult in the fall. This fall was different. We had to wait practically forever to get "The Help," and it was clear that the reason for the wait was because we aren't digital yet. There were so few 35mm prints; all the little guys were fighting over scraps. So we waited, and waited, and it felt like a miracle when we finally got it. I think I actually said "woohoo" on the phone to my booker.  And by the way, thanks a million to all of you who came to the Eltrym to see it. I know several big groups who waited for us, and I appreciate it more than you know.

Our digital transition is finally moving. Between our lenders being extremely busy (awesome for our community), our construction business being super-duper busy, and me trying to be an awesome mother to my precious babe (trying to be a SAHM during the day and a theater manager by night), it has been tough to be diligent and keep things moving along. I don't want to say too much about it. But, I did breathe a sigh of relief this week. And then I breathed in some nice, cool fall air and drank a pumpkin pie latte.

If all goes as planned your cinematic experience at the Eltrym will be greatly improved before Thanksgiving.


(More updates to follow)