Monday, November 28, 2011

A Much Needed Update

Hi friends, how are you? Good?  We are doing well, also. I know I've been quiet, but it has not been the least bit quiet around here.  It's been hectic and it is only going to get more and more hectic until probably tax time. Ugh.

You know how they say when it rains it pours? Well, you could use that phrase to describe our life right now.

Well......we are installing our new digital projectors this week.  That big, scary digital conversion that I have been fearing for a couple of years now is happening this week.  It has been a roller coaster putting this deal together and filling out paperwork and signing my life away (again) and forking over money, and phone calls, and filling out more paperwork, and biting my nails and anxiety.  But with any luck, it will have been worth it.

New equipment has been arriving daily

Just like Christmas!

But it's not just that.  A month ago, Dan and I stumbled upon a great house that was for sale. We decided not to look at it because we decided to stay in our tiny house another year or two. But it just so happens that Dan was driving by when the realtor was there, so he went inside. Then he called me. So I went over. And we both fell in love (lime green and fire red shag carpets and all), so we put in an offer and it was accepted. So we are MOVING. Ah! Renovations and moving during our digital conversion and the holidays. What fun!

It's been a little complicated because Dan has been so busy working. While it is somewhat annoying to not have Dan's help right now, I am happy he has work. The economy took a big bite out of construction business here, so we are super grateful for the work. (If you need some concrete work done next Spring, you know who to call....)

Oh, and Ellie turned one earlier this month. That went by fast!
One Year Old!