Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FAC Film Fest this Thursday!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to screen the films that the BHS Film Arts Club will be presenting at their 3rd annual film festival this week. I was very impressed with what I saw.

The Film Arts Club is a group of kids with a great desire to learn the art of film-making, who have provided themselves the opportunity to do so by creating the FAC. They are primarily self-taught, but they have had enough foresight to take the initiative to involve community members with a film background to come in and offer instruction and advice. They make films on their own time, with money they have earned through fundraisers and film festivals.  They started out as a small group of freshman with a hobby and lofty ideas of movie-making, and over the last three years they have matured as people and artists.

It is apparent to me that in the past school year, the Film Arts Club has experienced tremendous creative growth. Instead of focusing on feature-length films, they have focused on short films, which has allowed them to explore a variety of concepts and styles instead of getting bogged down on a couple of huge projects. I am truly impressed at the variety of films they have produced this year. 

I won’t go into any more depth on my thoughts about the FAC and their films, because I want you to come in and see for yourself. You can do so by attending their film festival on Thursday at 7PM.